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To get started, please read the Overview of Courseware. The Unit 0 lecture introduces the course. Once you have downloaded the courseware and successfully installed Alpaca, you can do the following to get started with the code samples and Alpaca performance and correctness tests:

1. Create a new temporary folder next to the src folder in a unit's directory: say "alpacatemp"
2. Open a command line and navigate into this temporary folder.
3. Open alpaca using it's name: > alpaca
4. Session -> Open Test Container ->Navigate to one of the units e.g. unit1\src\testlist.xml
5. It should load up a tree named "PPCP - Unit 1 - Imperative Data Parallelism"
6. Right click that node and click on "Build and Run"
7. You may get some failing tests (normal for these samples).

Your feedback is critical to the continued improvement of this courseware. In return for using this material, we ask that you provide us feedback. Take our online survey about the course materials. Post comments to the Discussion Tab or the PPCP Facebook Group. Send e-mail to All input is welcome!

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