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The download is zip file that unpacks to the directory ppcp, whose contents are:
  • ppcp/alpaca: contains Alpaca.msi, which installs Alpaca (A lovely parallelism and concurrency analyzer). Main points about Alpaca:
    • NOTE: documentation is not included yet
    • Requires VS2010 be installed first
    • Installs on 32-bit Windows to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Alpaca
    • Installs on 64-bit Windows to c:\Program File (x86)\Microsoft Alpaca
    • NOTE: presently Alpaca can only analyze 32-bit executables
    • The main executable is alpaca.exe (added to PATH by installer)
    • Reference assemblies for creating Alpaca Projects (get to them by “Add Reference” in VS2010)
      • Microsoft.Concurrency.Taskometer
      • Microsoft.Concurrency.UnitTestingFramework
      • Microsoft.Concurrency.UnitTesting.Extensions
  • ppcp/units/unitN: contains the material for unit N (Unit 0-4 available now, 5-8 later in the fall)
    • HTML lecture notes (highlighting main concepts)
    • Power point slides
    • /src: contains a Visual Studio 2010 Solution with
      • Small applications, which are drawn from Parallel Extensions Samples
      • Pedagogical examples, usually in an Alpaca Project

Coming soon:

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